Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Our link with St Margaret's Orphanage

St Margaret's Church has had a direct link with St Margaret's Orphanage in Mbabane, Swaziland for a number of years. It began when Bishop Brian Smith, the then Bishop of Edinburgh, visited Swaziland. On his return he introduced us to the orphanage, and to Revd. Orma Mavimbela.

Orma, pictured left, on a visit to supporting Churches in US, had a well paid job in the Swaziland civil service, but felt called by God to give it up to care for AIDS orphans whom she saw daily around her. The local HIV/AIDS infection rate is at least 42%, and has wiped out many of the generation of parents, leaving their children orphaned.

So Orma gave up her job and paid for three feeding centres where children could get a meal, receive some loving care and play games. Assisted by a small team of care-givers, the Orphanage provide a daily hot meal, monthly medical attention, the clothing and financial help that some children need in order to attend school. They serve approximately 200 children.

The food provided is mostly home grown from their own vegetable garden, pictured right.