Daily Prayer


Christians remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and all the great saving mysteries of our faith by keeping the seasons of the Christian Year: Advent; Christmas; Epiphany; Lent; Holy Week; Easter; Ordinary Time after Pentecost. See Intro to the Christian Year

Christians also celebrate the great heroes of the faith, the saints and martyrs, on specific days, for example St Margaret of Scotland is commemorated on 16th November each year.

The Scottish Episcopal Church calendar gives psalms and Bible readings to be used on every day of the Christian Year for Sunday and Weekday Eucharists and for Daily Prayer. These are used in our services at St Margaret's.

The Sunday Eucharist readings are those used at St Margaret's and the daily readings and psalms are a great help for daily prayer.


These sites give Morning and Evening Prayer for every day - and also Compline (Night Prayer)

Scottish Episcopal Daily Prayer

Church of England Daily Prayer